Project Description

Started in 1972 by Al Scheid, Scheid Vineyards is one of the largest wine producers in the Salinas Valley region. With over 4,000 acres, a state-of-the-art winery with a crushing capacity of 30,000 tons annually, this is where custom, contracted wines are made for some of the largest wineries in the industry.


The changing of the guard. Making something good even better with an infusion of new energy. People passionate about what they do each day and ideas that embrace traditional values. Grow the Vineyard label…and having fun doing it.


Who wouldn’t want to tell this great story—saluting tradition, honoring the vineyard worker and reflecting on their beginnings as a wine grape grower. The new identity expresses their belief in balancing tradition with the best of today’s advances. They like to say, it is the grapes.
Cheers to that!


Identity Design
Promotional Advertising
Marketing Collateral

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