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W.A.I.T.—Why Am I Talking? I could be listening.

We’ve all experienced leaving an important conversation with a client or colleague trying to understand exactly what was said. But the truth is, many people have some level of difficulty communicating what they really need or want. My W.A.I.T. Listening Skills Workshop will teach you how to decode vague communication by engaging one of the most powerful tools you already have, Listening.

W.A.I.T. Listening skills workshop

“W.A.I.T. has given me new insight into how conversation really works, and why it so often doesn’t. Even better, W.A.I.T. offers tools and strategies to bring clarity to any conversation in real-time. This has been invaluable to my role—and making for more efficient meetings and more successful outcomes.”
M. D., The Invisible Spark

The hidden cost of poor communication

Misdiagnosed needs and wants often lead to developing solutions that end up wasting valuable time and ruining budgets. Sometimes the most unintended communication gap can be the most costly for companies. In a national survey, the cost of poor or inadequate communication between and to employees costs industries an average of $62.4 million per year. For small businesses, it’s estimated that it costs up to $420,000 per year1.

Connecting the dots

My W.A.I.T. Listening Skills Workshop will teach you why Listening is the gateway to understanding. Through interactive exercises, you’ll learn how you can help people communicate and unpack their message. Protect your credibility and your work when it comes to confusing communication with one simple purpose, understanding what was said.

Who should attend

• Managers and Team Leaders who need to get things done right the first time
• Sales or Service professionals who are working with indecisive or overwhelmed clients
• Creative professionals who depend on defined client or colleague input

A lasting transformation

We’re all professionals in the business of meeting people’s needs. W.A.I.T. will help you:
• Optimize the best use of your time
• Increase the quality and accuracy of your work
• Enjoy stronger relationships with co-workers, managers and clients

Don’t fall into a trap…

thinking you understand when you’re really assuming or guessing what was said or that asking questions is a sign of weakness. Quite the contrary, Listening and asking question shows authenticity and that you’re trying to understand what the other person is saying.

What’s ahead

You’ll apply your new Listening skills to your own industry and enjoy the benefits beyond merely improved communication fortifying your professional image and personal credibility.

1SHRM-Society of Human Resources Management. 2013, Patricia M. Buhler and Joel D. Worden

Let’s get started. Click below to find out more today.

W.A.I.T. Listening Skills Workshop

“W.A.I.T. named and clarified some of the issues that I’ve had
when communicating with clients and provided tools for getting past those blocks.”
C. Nelson, Cyan Design Studio