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Sometimes your best intention with a workplace colleague or a business arrangement can turn into a disagreement or worse, conflict. Left unsettled, it can be emotionally debilitating and relationships often turn bitter. There is a way to resolve the issues and to turn a potentially destructive and costly situation into a creative and enhanced opportunity.

Come to the table and mediate your differences.

Welcome. My name is Wayne Kosaka and I help disputing parties resolve their conflict by accomplishing two important things, restoring broken communication and creating an environment of mutual understanding.

As your mediator, my goal is to help you gain clarity and uncover new insights where there is confusion and disagreement. Each party will have equal and ample time to talk about the issues and how it has effected them. We discuss possible options and share new ideas. Best of all, you’re in control of the final outcome which improves the chances of developing a final resolution and agreement together.
In your mediation we will:

• Agree to a positive and constructive frame of mind
• Work towards listening to what each other has to say
• Clarify, define and understand each issue, one at a time
• Discuss how it has effected you
• Explore options and what tomorrow could look like
• Design, draft and formalize the final agreement together

This is your chance to:

• Emphasize your role and responsibilities
• Reestablish consistency and expectations
• Preserve an important relationship
• Save time, money and emotional damage litigating
• Move on with your life

It really does work.

The American Arbitration Association reports that over 85% of all mediations result in settlement. This is an astoundingly high number, showing that months, if not years, of litigation can be prevented if the parties are willing to discuss their concerns and feelings.

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Generally the mediation fee is split between both parties unless the parties have agreed upon another arrangement. Once both parties have signed an agreement to mediate, the case preparation and three hour minimum mediation fee is paid in advance. Please contact me for more information.

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