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With over 13 years experience as a senior mediator and mediation supervisor, I’ve earned my stripes mediating many tough civil cases in Ventura and Simi Valley County Small Claims Court and child guardianship cases in Contra Costa County Superior Court.

I also discovered to be an effective communicator is to use one of the most powerful communication tools we already have, Listening.

I’ve refined key listening skills that I’ve used as a mediator into developing my W.A.I.T. – Why Am I Talking? Workshop. It’s designed to enhance your ability to becoming an effective listener and communicator. You don’t need to learn complex philosophies to become proficient in redirecting vague language in a conversation using minimum effort to achieve clarity, definition and understanding for maximum results.

W.A.I.T. identifies a series of simple principles that will change the way you think and approach any conversation with new awareness and intention. The techniques you’ll learn are proven to work.

I have three goals. First is to raise your expectation and power as a communicator by changing your approach to listening and putting your purpose firsthand: understanding what was said.

Second, is to strengthen your effectiveness with your clients and colleagues. By managing shared information, you’re actually helping people help themselves in order to do your job.

My third goal is to enhance your professionalism. Regardless if you’re working in Corporate America, a Nonprofit or a successful entrepreneur, you’re a professional. Everything I offer can measurably improve the clarity and understanding in your communication reducing mind-reading, personal stress and unwanted conflict by getting it right the first time.

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