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Trained in both Facilitative and Transformative mediation, Wayne received his certification from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2005. He has mediated hundreds of cases as a mediator and mediation supervisor for the Ventura and the Simi Valley County Small Claims Court and guardianship cases with the Contra Costa County Superior Court with an 80% success rate.

Wayne has been awarded for his outstanding services and commitment to mediation as a mediator, supervisor and trainer from various regional courts, legal education and nonprofit organizations.

Wayne lives and works in San Rafael and is an advocate for mediation and advancing personal communication skills through his W.A.I.T., Listening Skills Workshop.

I believe that the quality of our interaction relies on the ability to understand each other. My goal is to restore communication and create an environment of shared information and feelings that will bring new insight and a different perspective to people held in conflict.

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