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This is an opportunity to invest in yourself as a great communicator. We all have our own blind spots and can benefit from an experienced set of “outside” eyes. My Listening coaching will help you apply your new skills by simulating day-to-day situations. It is an effective way to increase your comfort level to becoming a consciously competent listener and communicator.

What to expect

This is a confidential one-on-one meeting or convenient Skype call. We will review your challenges, identify your goals and spend time on a variety of solutions until you feel more at ease in the area you want to improve. This could be:

• Fine-tuning your listening skills
• Preventing “overload” when hearing a lot of information
• How to gently dig for answers without drilling someone
• The right kind of questions to encourage further dialogue
• Using visual aid to track timelines and information
• Keeping track of your next steps

What this isn’t

• Career counselling
• Mentoring

Why hire me?

My coaching is for self-actualized professionals who choose to add that extra edge in their communication tool box and ready to make changes in their career or personal life happen.

Contact me for a FREE 30-minute evaluation


A Free 30 minute familiarization and review is recommended. You may only need a single session depending on your comfort level toward achieving your goal.
Each session is 50 minutes long.
$175.00 – initial session
$110.00 – each additional session