Mastering Client Feedback Workshop 2020-04-03T14:25:24-07:00

Mastering Client Feedback

Skillfully convert challenging conversations
into meaningful and useful information.

In this 3-hour interactive workshop, I will teach you surprisingly simple ways to skillfully convert vague and noncommittal client feedback into meaningful and useful information. Regardless if you are just starting your career or a seasoned manager interested in fine-tuning your communication skills, using these highly effective techniques will give you the same successful results.

“Wayne has given me new insight into how conversation really works. Even better, he offers tools and strategies to bring clarity to any conversation in real-time. This has been invaluable to my role—and making for more efficient meetings and more successful outcomes.”   M.D.

The typical conversation is fairly limiting

“It’s not working for me”, “We want something different”, “Sort of like”, “I guess”, “It needs work”, “It’s possible”, “I’ll know it when I see it”, “Maybe”, “They”, It”, “Always”, “Never”, “Kind of”…

We all tend to generalize our choice of words and phrases, it is human nature to do so because it is easier to communicate this way. But vague language and incomplete communication is the #1 reason misunderstandings happen. They have no utility or contribute to the kind of information that is relevant and important to you and your work.

Gain clarity, definition and an understanding. Learn:

• How a conversation works and why it so often doesn’t
• Effective listening skills to spot vague language
• How to convert information by asking the right kind of questions
• How to get to agreement, establish accountability, needs and expectations
• What to do when encountering resistance

It is about preventing, not repairing. You will find yourself:

• More productive
• Using your time for efficiently
• Better prepared
• Safeguarding your bottom line
• Protecting your reputation

What to expect

Workshop: 3-hours
The format is skill-based and includes interactive role-play with immediate evaluation. Handouts are provided.
Fee: Please contact me for individual and group session fees.

Wayne Kosaka incorporates elements of Active Listening including skills acquired across many years of high-stakes, workplace, and private mediation in his workshop. There is no charge for travel to onsite locations within the Bay area. Please contact Wayne for further information.