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Sometimes your best intentions with a landlord, a business friend or service can turn into a disagreement or worse, conflict. Left unsettled it can consume your life and your peace of mind. If you’re thinking about legal action and taking someone to Small Claims Court, take a time-out. This is your opportunity to resolve your issues and to turn a potentially destructive situation into a creative and enhanced opportunity.

The mediation office of Wayne Kosaka has provided mediation services helping people effectively resolve their disputes in San Rafael and the surrounding Bay area since 2011.

Come to the table and Mediate your differences

Mediation is a private, collaborative process where the parties in dispute work with a trained neutral and impartial third party to help work out their differences. As your mediator, I’ll navigate you through the entire process. My goal is to improve the quality of communication and interaction between the parties. You’ll both have ample time to talk about the issues surrounding your dispute thereby improving the chances of developing a final resolution and agreement together. In a mediation we will:

• Agree to a positive and constructive frame of mind
• Work towards reestablishing broken communication
• Focus on discussing the issues and feelings surrounding your dispute
• Explore options, what if’s and what tomorrow can look like
• Design, draft and formalize the final agreement

It really does work

The American Arbitration Association reports that over 85% of all mediations result in settlement. This is an astoundingly high number, showing that months, if not years, of litigation can be prevented if the parties are willing to discuss their concerns and feelings.

Contact me for a FREE 30-minute evaluation

This is your chance to:

• Emphasize your role and responsibilities
• Reestablish consistency and expectations
• Preserve an important relationship
• Save time and money hiring an attorney and going to court
• Move on with your life

“As a Mediator and Mediation Supervisor, Wayne is highly respected and well-liked by his colleagues, court personnel and novice mediators alike. He has been a truly dedicated and enthusiastic supporter of the program. He invested hundreds of hours in mediation programs training and supervising junior mediators and he was part of the small group that initiated the successful expansion to an additional venue.”
Cherly Allain-Mee
Past President
Venture Center for Dispute Settlement of Ventura County


Generally the mediation fee is split between both parties unless the parties have agreed upon another arrangement. Once both parties have signed an agreement to mediate, the case preparation and three hour minimum mediation fee is paid in advance. Please contact me for more information.

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