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W.A.I.T. is a 3-hour interactive workshop where I’ll teach you surprisingly simple principles, new listening habits and valuable language that will become automatic to you. As you learn to use words and phrases for maximum effectiveness, you’ll enjoy the benefits of greater understanding, agreement and improved communication each and every day.

The typical conversation is fairly limiting and useless

“it’s not working for me” – “sort of” – “I think so” – “it’s impossible” – “it’s always that way” –
“it’s to much” – “work it out” – “I need it soon” – “I’ll know it when I see it”

It’s human nature to use phrases or words that generalize what we’re thinking and we don’t normally communicate entirely in logic and fact either. You’ll learn new listening skills and how to manage any conversation by spotting:

Generalizations and assumptions that leave you guessing
Useless words and phrases that have no utility
Distortions, opinions or missing information causing confusion or conflict

What you’ll learn from taking my W.A.I.T. workshop

• How a conversation works and why it so often doesn’t
• Skills to properly listen
• How to spot and convert useless into useful words and phrases
• What to do when encountering resistance

It’s about preventing, not repairing

You’ll be more productive and make the best use of your valuable time. W.A.I.T. will help you:
• Organize and keep track of shared information
• Clarify expectations
• Foster mutual understanding and agreement
• Develop measurable criteria
• Uncover real purpose and true needs
• Be on the mark with your work

What to expect

Workshop: 3-hours
Class size: Single class up to 12
The format is skill-based and includes interactive role-play with immediate evaluation.
Fee: $450.00/person. Group discount of 4 or more is available .

“I really enjoyed and was excited to participate in W.A.I.T.
Wayne employed role playing activities in an effort to learn and gain feedback
on the information taught. It was an excellent learning experience.”
N. W., Essential Bookkeeping

Wayne Kosaka incorporating elements of Active Listening including added skills acquired in high-stakes workplace, partnership and business mediations built this course. To maximize learning, class size is limited to 12 people. Please contact him for group discount for 4 or more. There is no charge for travel to onsite locations within the Bay area. A follow up course to fully integrate newly learned skills is recommended and can be accomplished online or an onsite meeting. Additional fees apply. Please contact Wayne for further information as needed.

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